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Mongrel Dogs of the Scenic Rim

Together they stopped an invasion.

Farmers, tourism operators, townsfolk, environmentalists and businesspeople - the everyday folk of a local community stepped out of their comfort zones to say no to coal mines and gasfields. Some were arrested. Some were fined. Some were dragged through the courts. Everyone’s lives were changed.

This is the story of the people of the Scenic Rim, who in 2011 courageously defended their homes and farms, and their wildly beautiful land, from government and mining companies intent on industrialising the south-east Queensland countryside.

Through evocative photographs, paintings and personal narratives, Mongrel Dogs brings alive the evolving journey from peaceful citizen to activist. It’s more than just the story of what happened - it’s also a collection of behind-the-scenes insights and sometimes vulnerable personal accounts, weaving together the strands of this memorable and important community stand.

This is a celebration of human connection and a fierce desire to protect what we love. A book to buy, to keep, to pass along, and to inspire others to stand up for all that is good in this world.

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Mongrel Dogs of the Scenic Rim covers a topic very dear to my heart - a period of several years, around 2011-12, where I lived and breathed our community fight.

Writing a book wasn’t something I thought I’d do, but in late May 2023 I realised that so much of the colour and inspirational detail of our historic people’s stand was being forgotten. My initial reluctance to return to a time which was also so personally challenging quickly gave way to my passion to capture the magic and triumph of what we as a community achieved.

Sifting through the photos and video footage I realised there were stories which wanted to be felt, explored and told - including my own troubled experiences as a key organiser, who was also juggling being a mother and a wife.

Mongrel Dogs was written and crafted in two weeks, primarily to allow time for the book to be printed and included in the community’s ‘Moving Mountains’ exhibition which also acknowledges the magnitude of what the people of the Scenic Rim achieved.

As I now look back, I’m incredibly proud of how we all pulled together. It’s a deeply intimate and moving testament to what a group of people can do when they’re motivated by love and steadfast determination.

With more than half of our continent under some form of unconventional gas or coal mining licence, my hope is our story will inspire change and courage in many other communities facing challenges, both here and around the world.

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